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sekta_project's Journal

Social capital

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23 September
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SEKTA is an apparel label operating in the direction of postapocalyptic casual.

We produce tees, shirts, sweaters, trousers, jeans, hats and other clothes that characterized of being both simple and skanky. We want to make people of the new era feel frisky and fuckable. We want our clothes to arouse desire and longing or just reflect a fuckyou attitude of a person wearing it.

Our clothes are the perfect combination of quality and non-quality. We would never spend to much time and money for hyper-cool designer package or other consumership idolatry stuff and modcore fetish because we know – one may love, cry, fuck or even die wearing our garment... so “creative” package or “true” labels are not of paramount importance to us...

Brand grew up from a group of dada & trash artists in 2009 whose thirst for money joined them to print their dirty-minded, aggressive and sick illustrations on tees.

SEKTA is still open for experimentation and welcomes sexcited and anxious individuals to join.

A person started thinking of joining SEKTA is called dreamfected. A person who already joined SEKTA (a sektarian) is insekted. All the insekted follow his Majesty Anzaly Anzoy, the god of Raw Power.

Немного рекламы:
Все футболки отшиты на фабрике Public Print (www.public-print.com.ua)
Public Print - пошив и продажа футболок в Киеве, печать на ткани, футболках, сумках (шелкотрафарет, цифровая)


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Social capital

  • less than 10